We started 86D Apparel Co with the motivation of wanting to give back to the restaurant community.  The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the recent COVID-19 pandemic and many local restaurants wont be able to bounce back. This is why we came up with the BACK IN STOCK PROGRAM

For every purchase you make, 86D Apparel Co. will collect $1 from every item ordered and set aside to give back to local restaurants.  Which restaurants you say?? Well, that's where you come in.  Share a story of your local pizzeria that has been in the neighborhood for 40 years, or your local pub that you've enjoyed so many late nights singing karaoke with friends and why those staples of the community deserve to be put Back In Stock!

We will then personally drive to the location and surprise them with the funds and some swag and post the experience on our site.  If the hand picked restaurant is not within our driving distance, we will share the experience remotely and have the location share some pics of their crew with the funds and rocking the 86D brand swag.

So, here's all you have to do:

Buy some product

Share your local restaurant story by either messaging us through Facebook, Instagram or dropping us a line at

We will pick the lucky establishment, get our affairs in order and surprise them with the goods.  Its that easy!

Oh, and don't worry...for all of your hard work we will hook you up with some swag and give you a shout out on our platforms!

Hopefully we can give some much needed relief to those that have supported our communities over the years!

Thanks for your support!

The 86D Apparel Co team.